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Transmission (REBUILT/NEW). The standard limited warranty for rebuilt transmissions is 1 year or 12,000 miles from date of purchase. A rebuilt torque converter is provided and must be installed with transmission. The standard limited warranty for new transmissions is 1 year, unlimited miles. A new torque converter is provided and must be installed with transmission.  


Transmission (USED) The standard limited warranty for used transmissions is 6 months or 8,000 miles from date of purchase.  A used torque converter is provided and must be installed with transmission.


Advised procedure for installing all ZF transmissions

1.        Do not fill the torque converter with fluid prior to installation. 

2.        If the transmission that is being installed requires a detent cable, make sure that the detent is properly set prior to installing. 

3.        Make sure that the dowels are in good condition and bent or damaged. 

4.        Insert torque converter and make sure it is properly seated. 

5.        Make sure that the transmission is even with the back of the engine on the transmission jack and then start 2 bolts on either of the side of the bell housing. 

6.        Tighten bell housing bolts evenly using a hand ratchet while checking that converter will turn freely as the tightening progresses.  Pull up evening and once flush with engine, make sure that the converter has a little slack back and forth and spins freely. 

7.        Install the remaining bell housing bolts to correct torque specifications.

8.        Flush transmission cooling lines with approved solvent or transmission flush and blow out remaining residues with shop air. 

9.        Fill transmission w/ 3 quarts of specified transmission fluid. 

10.     Start vehicle and with wheels off of the ground and transmission is drive, slowly finish filling the transmission to the correct level. 

Car Cannibal's warranty covers normal on-road use only. If the vehicle into which a part is installed is used primarily off-road or is ever raced, the warranty is voided. In that case, the only warranty made by Car Cannibal, Inc. is that the part will operate at the time of installation. Failures of parts due to improper installation (i.e. not in accordance with O.E.M. specifications), disassembly, accident, misuse, over-heating, flood, collision, or improper maintenance are not covered by this warranty.

AS YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR THE BREACH OF THE WARRANTY DESCRIBED ABOVE, CAR CANNIBAL, INC, WILL REPLACE ANY DEFECTIVE PART WITHOUT ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COST TO YOU OR PROVIDE AN IN STORE CREDIT TO BE USED FOR FUTURE PURCHASES. CAR CANNIBAL, INC, SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR OTHER INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING DAMAGE TO OR THE COST OF RELATED PARTS. You must call Car Cannibal, Inc, before returning such part in order for Car Cannibal, Inc, to pay the return shipping charges. Car Cannibal, Inc, must be allowed the opportunity to make the sale whole before the part is returned. Cores are due within 30 days receiving the replacement part or further charges will apply. All warrantees are for the original purchaser of parts and are not transferable.


  I, the purchaser, have read and agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions related to the purchase of the transmission. 

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